Implementation of energy efficiency measures at the building of Judicial Institutions of FBiH in Sarajevo

The World Bank supports the sustainable future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Energy Efficiency Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BEEP and Additional Financing for BEEP) is being implemented since 2016, and so far 89 public buildings have been renovated within this project, comfort has been improved for about 563,000 users and 2,300 green jobs have been created.

On this occasion, the World Bank delegation today visited the building of the Judicial Institutions of the FBiH in Sarajevo, which is one of 20 public buildings that have undergone the process of implementing energy efficiency measures as part of the Sarajevo Canton Project, in which 14 million BAM were invested. The project “Energy Efficiency for Bosnia and Herzegovina” (AF BEEP) is financed through loans from the World Bank, and the results achieved by the project in the period from 2016 to 2023 are the best example of good synergy between the ministry, project team and investors. About 2,140.000 BAM was invested in the renovation of the building of the Judicial Institutions of FBiH. The expected annual energy savings in this facility, after the implementation of the measures, amounts to 613,538.00 kWh/year, which will result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions of 270 tCO2/year. The total area of the building of the Judicial Institutions of FBiH is 5,725 m2. By implementing energy efficiency measures, at the same time, better conditions were ensured for the daily stay and work of 265 users of this educational institution.

The works were carried out in accordance with world standards in the field of energy efficiency, and included various measures, from thermal insulation of facade walls, partial replacement of existing carpentry/lockwork, thermal insulation of the roof, along with replacement of the covering, installation of a central space cooling system, with the installation of a new pipe network and installation of valve convectors, replacement of existing boilers with more energy efficient ones, as well as partial replacement of lighting fixtures. This investment aims to reduce energy consumption in public buildings, contribute to the economic sustainability of current energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. The BEEP project represents an important step towards improving energy efficiency and sustainability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and contributes to the goals of ecological sustainability and better working conditions in public institutions.

The World Bank delegation, together with the Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning, will continue to monitor the implementation of energy efficiency measures to ensure the further progress of this important project for Bosnia and Herzegovina. By implementing the activities within the BEEP and AF BEEP projects, it is expected that CO2 emissions will be reduced by more than 12,000 tons per year, while energy savings on an annual level amount to more than 34,000 MWh.