Implementation of energy efficiency measures at the building of Judicial Institutions of FBiH in Sarajevo


The World Bank supports the sustainable future of Bosnia and Herzegovina The Energy Efficiency Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BEEP and Additional Financing for BEEP) is being implemented since 2016, and so far 89 public buildings have been renovated within this project, comfort has been improved for about 563,000 users and 2,300 green jobs have … Continue reading "Implementation of energy efficiency measures at the building of Judicial Institutions of FBiH in Sarajevo"


Investment Worth Over 1.8 Million BAM


Federal Minister of Spatial Planning Željko Nedić has signed contracts with contractors, marking the beginning of construction activities on two public-purpose buildings. The agreement covers the facilities of the Federal Institute of Agriculture in Sarajevo and the Building of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Mostar. The construction work is set … Continue reading "Investment Worth Over 1.8 Million BAM"


Light Up Your Space Sustainably


In today’s world, more and more people recognize the importance of using renewable energy sources to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and minimize their negative impact on the environment. One way to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle is by utilizing solar lighting to illuminate your yard, pathways, or garden. Solar lighting harnesses the … Continue reading "Light Up Your Space Sustainably"



Use Cold or Lukewarm Water Whenever Possible


Hot water often represents a significant portion of overall energy consumption in our households. Fortunately, there is a simple way to reduce this consumption and achieve substantial savings. The key is to minimize the use of hot water for laundry and dishwashing and instead use cold or lukewarm water whenever possible. Suppose you’re wondering why. … Continue reading "Use Cold or Lukewarm Water Whenever Possible"


The heat pump is an ideal economic and ecological solution


After the Austrian capital recently announced that it will build the most significant and muscular heat pump in Central Europe by the end of 2023, which will heat 25,000 Viennese households, the public’s attention has just focused on the heat pump. This so-called “magical” pump will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Vienna by as much … Continue reading "The heat pump is an ideal economic and ecological solution"


Solar energy – clean and renewable


The production of energy from renewable sources is increasingly the focus of the interest of the Bosnian public, so the interest is growing among individuals who increasingly decide to install solar panels on the roofs of their houses. Although installing solar panels is a significant investment, the return on investment is guaranteed and is most … Continue reading "Solar energy – clean and renewable"