Eco-friendly Gifts for Every Occasion

If you are a person that cares about the environment, we have no doubt that you are already familiar with eco-friendly or zero waste references. The increasing pollution of our planet and the global warming that threatens all living beings have stood out significantly as one of the crucial issues in the last few years. In addition to raising awareness about these issues, small changes that we can all practice in our daily lives without much effort and sacrifice are especially important.

Projects, such as Additional Funding for the Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project (AF BEEP), focus on raising public awareness on energy efficiency and implementing energy efficiency measures in public facilities, thus reducing CO2 emissions. However, the AF BEEP experts are aware that such an important topic reaches all segments of human lives, such as the season of giving. Are there such gifts that will pleasantly surprise the person you are giving them to but also won’t harm the environment? The answer is – yes! In order to make it easier for you to find the answer to the “What to gift someone?” question, AF BEEP experts bring you five great gift ideas that are environmentally friendly and perfect for any occasion.


Decoupage is a technique, i.e., an artistic skill, used for centuries for decoration. In short, decoupage comes down to decorating objects or furniture pieces with paper clips that are glued to them. In addition to the fact that this will be a fun activity for you, to the person you give such a decorated gift, it will be a unique work of art, created with a lot of attention and love. This type of gift requires minimal investment in material and maximum commitment.

The “pretty” side of a glass bottle

Glass bottles of various drinks, sauces, or baby porridge often end up in the trash, and that is no place for them (if they, however, end up there, make sure to put them in a container intended for glass). If you want to give something interesting and unusual as a gift, don’t throw away glass bottles, but use them as decorations. These bottles are easy to preserve, and their shape and material make them ideal for turning into many different things. Whether you use them as a colorful vase for flowers, which you can cover with colorful paper, or as a candlestick, by putting decorative stones in it, decorating it with bows, and placing a candle in it, we have no doubt that the gift will be a complete hit. Let your imagination run wild!

Homemade cosmetics

Many women, but also men, enjoy caring for their bodies. But how do we nurture both ourselves and the planet? Today, cosmetic products can contain chemicals that harm both you and nature, especially when you’re done with them and throw them in the trash. So why take the risk? If you want to give someone a handmade soap or body scrub, all you need is a couple of ingredients that you can find at the nearest herbal pharmacy and get to work. Also, make a handwritten sticker with your name; the person you give this to will surely be thrilled. And if you still don’t have the time, choose domestic producers who make natural cosmetics without any additives, and be careful what kind of packaging they use (whether they are biodegradable or not).

Cover table

If your loved ones enjoy comics and superheroes, this idea is the perfect opportunity for you to give them something original. Surely you have some old table that no one uses, somewhere in your parents’ pantry or in the attic. Tips for restoring old furniture are all around us, the steps for doing it are simple, and when the table is ready, all you have to do is cover the tabletop with comic book covers and clips from the comics of the person’s favorite heroes. And voilà, a unique gift for a unique person.


Aside from just gifting someone, it is also important to teach them something. Energy efficiency reaches many parts of our lives, and our home is one of them. Lighting is one of the things that many can save on if they take pay attention to it. AF BEEP experts emphasize the importance of conscientious energy use, turning off lights when no one is in the room. One of the alternative light sources are candles, which are an increasingly popular gift nowadays. So why not make them yourself? Make sure you use natural ingredients, and all you need are wax, candle wicks, a mold, and an old pot. And to make your candle even more special, you can add some essential oils you like. The person you give the candles to will remember you every time they light a candle and smell a pleasant scent.

In addition to gifts, don’t forget to be imaginative and eco-friendly when it comes to packaging as well, so make sure to use recycled paper or even old newspapers. Think of your loved ones and save the planet!