Creating Healthy Habits: Elementary students in B&H learned about energy efficiency

For the past few months, students from 13 elementary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been visited by the superhero Beepster, who has once again arrived to the planet Earth. With the aim to contribute to creating healthy habits from their early age, this superhero has taught the pupils about the importance of energy efficiency as a way to save our planet from the dangers it is facing. Through both educational and entertaining workshops, the superhero shared tips on how to become heroes and contribute to a healthier future.

“This kind of workshop is fun for the youngest generations, but at the same time, they are very educational. They are especially important when we consider the place technology is taking up in our lives today. It is important that we show the kids how they should behave in these conditions, as well as how to behave smarter to help planet Earth.” said superhero Beepster.

Educating the youngest generations is an investment of knowledge and time beneficial in many ways. It is crucial for developing awareness of the importance of energy efficiency. At the same time, it is essential for improving the possibility of young people devoting their energy to such topics in the future, and to contribute to the creation of a healthier environment through their innovative solutions.

“It is important that children learn they need to turn off the lights after leaving the room, turn off the appliances instead of leaving them on stand-by, as well as keep the water off while brushing their teeth or washing their hands. It’s all a waste of energy,” the superhero added.

The process of combining education and fun into a useful whole has been further enriched by the use of new technologies, which take up an essential place in the daily lives of these generations. That’s why the superhero Beepster introduced Beepomat, an interactive educational device that showed pupils how energy-efficient behavior could save the world, along with a special camera, with the help of which he demonstrated the appearance of the devices when they use energy, compared to the ones that are turned off. The workshops were held in Sarajevo, Gorazde, Zenica, Olovo, Zavidovici, Jajce, Kiseljak, Breza, Gracanica, Srebrenik, and Zivinice, as a part of the Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP), which is being implemented by the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning with the credit debt from World Bank.

“Rescuing the Planet is our common mission,” the pupils concluded at the end of the workshop, noting that the superhero Beepster could continue his journey through the galaxy, as Earth now has many new guards.