Contracts signed for the Reconstruction of Five Public Buildings in the Herzegovina-Neretva and Sarajevo Canton

Four public buildings in Mostar and one in Sarajevo will become energy efficient

Within the AF BEEP project (Additional Financing for the Energy Efficiency Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina), implemented by the Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning, with the World Bank loan funds, four more facilities in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and one in Sarajevo Canton will be reconstructed in the coming period to better its energy efficiency. On that occasion, contracts were signed today between Josip Martić, the Federal Minister of Spatial Planning of BiH, and representatives of selected contractors.

Four public buildings in Mostar, where energy efficiency measures will be implemented, are the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases and the Center for Clinical Pharmacology, and the Clinic for Internal Medicine with the Dialysis Center in Mostar, as well as the building of the Police Academy in Sarajevo. More than 2 million BAM will be invested in the renovation of these facilities.

“Project results that have been achieved from the beginning of its implementation in 2016 until today clearly indicate how much energy efficiency measures contribute, not only to the quality of public institutions in which they are implemented, but also to savings of cantonal funds in which they are implemented. As part of the project, 13 public buildings in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton have been renovated so far, with investments in the amount of almost 9 million KM. In addition to the fact that these measures significantly contribute to the protection of the environment, living conditions and use of these facilities have been improved for their users,” said Josip Martić, Federal Minister of Physical Planning of BiH.

Work such as thermal insulation of walls and roofs, replacement of carpentry and facade, replacement of lighting fixtures with more energy efficient ones and replacement of energy sources will, among other things, be done as part of the implementation of energy efficiency measures at these facilities.

In the period from 2016 to 2020, the implementation of energy efficiency measures at 55 objects in the Federation of BiH was successfully completed within the Project, with over 25 million BAM invested. By 2020, some of the results achieved are: estimated 17,716,570 kWh of savings per year, improved comfort for over 457,009 users, 1,325 green jobs created, CO2 emissions reduced by 4,564 tons during the year.