Are you planning to move into a new home? Here are some tips for long-term saving

Moving to a new living space is often related to significant life events, such as starting new studies, a unique business opportunity, or some other similar moments in life. Whatever the occasion, relocations are almost always followed by a detailed budget and cost planning. If you are in a similar situation, this is the ideal time to look for ways to improve your new home’s energy efficiency and thus ensure long-term savings in your bills. So drop those boxes filled with memories for a brief moment, and before unpacking them, consider ways this new start can help you be more both environmentally conscious and economical.

Do an energy audit of the new home

The first step to improving the energy efficiency of your new home is to understand its current condition. That is why it is crucial to do an energy audit, which will show you how your new home uses energy in all segments (windows, walls, attic, etc.). With this data, you can then determine the best ways to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Install a smart thermostat

Today’s technology allows us to quickly automate our homes, as it enables control over basically anything, from the refrigerator and oven, to heating and lighting. One of the most commonly used smart devices in homes is the smart thermostat, which allows us to control the temperature inside the room. The smart thermostat gives you the chance to edit the plan for heating settings in the apartment and the constant control of its temperature. In this way, unnecessary heating and cooling of the room is avoided, automatically reducing your energy costs.

Switch to LED lighting

Did you know that energy-saving light bulbs consume up to six times less energy? Also, they last up to ten times longer, so before moving in, check which light bulbs are set in your new living space. If this is not already the case, be sure to install LED bulbs and thus reduce your energy consumption.

Buy energy-efficient appliances

If you have started planning your new home from the very beginning and buying new household appliances, make sure that they are energy-efficient, i.e., they have an A ++ label. At the same time, if you have some old devices that you have been using for many years now, this is an ideal opportunity to replace them with new ones. Replacing an old toaster may seem like a waste of money now, but it can help you make significant savings in the long run.

Install the blinds

We always use maximum sunlight to illuminate the space, but constant exposure to light through glass windows can increase room temperature. By installing blinds, both inside and outside, you can contribute to reducing the temperature of your living space, which will directly reduce the use of cooling devices, and reduce energy bills.