5 ways to lower your water bill

Water is a necessary need of every living creature. The human body consists of a large amount of water, and as much as 85% of the water is found in the body of a newborn baby and about 50% in the elderly. Doctors recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. In addition to drinking, we use water every day for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Therefore, no one can avoid the use of water.

Drinking water is becoming rarer and more expensive due to the growing need for it due to increased population growth. As we use water more and more, the cost of water increases. That is why we bring you five simple tips that you can use every day in your household and thus reduce the monthly cost of using water.

Repair leaks

Water leakage should not be underestimated as it can often be the reason why your water bill is always high. Dripping tap water may seem harmless, but if it is continuous, it can lead to the loss of several liters of water per day, which ultimately increases your monthly consumption bill. A proven way to reduce your water bill, in the long run, is to fix water leaks as soon as they occur. Some causes can be easily removed, while for others, you may need the services of a qualified plumber. In addition to saving you money by reducing your water bill, repairing leaks also protects your home from major damage that can cost a lot.

Don’t forget to turn off the water

Most people have a habit of letting water flow even when they are not using it. When brushing your hands or teeth, try to turn off the water before rinsing. This way, you can save up to five liters of water per person per day. This should also be the case when washing dishes, so while cleaning your dishes, turn off the water until you need to rinse them.

Bathing or showering?

We consume the most water when bathing and showering. We advise you to practice showering because you can consume up to 50 percent less water than bathing in a bathtub. It is important to consider the shower duration (the optimal time is five to seven minutes) because each additional minute consumes 20 to 40 liters of water.

Use a dishwasher

Hand washing can consume more water than a dishwasher, so the average machine consumes up to 6 liters of water per cycle, while water usually flows from your tap at a rate of 2 liters per minute. If you need more than 3 minutes to wash the dishes, it is better to use a washing machine. In order to save on the cost of electricity and electricity costs, an additional tip is to properly fill the dishwasher (as well as the washing machine). When you start the machine only when it is full, you reduce its number of revolutions, thus reducing energy and water consumption.

Water reuse

Like you, plants desperately need water. There are many ways you can save water consumption, and one of them is to reuse the water you use in your household to water your plants. You can use unused drinking water, collect water in a bucket while taking a shower, or use it to save water when it rains and use it to water your garden.

We can’t survive without water, but without high water bills, we certainly can, and with a few tips we’ve shared with you, you can achieve that in no time. Even if something saves just a few liters of water a day, keep in mind the end goal. With several different steps to reduce water consumption, you can make significant changes to save money each month.