Tips for saving energy during the winter

January 11, 2021

We bring you some practical tips whose implementation will contribute to a healthier environment while at the same time reducing your costs. Sounds perfect, right? Take your pen and note them down!


Eco-friendly Gifts for Every Occasion

December 28, 2020

Are there such gifts that will pleasantly surprise the person you are giving them to but also won't harm the environment? The answer is - yes! In order to make it easier for you to find the answer to the "What to gift someone?" question, AF BEEP experts bring you five great gift ideas that are environmentally friendly and perfect for any occasion.


6 Ways You Can Contribute to Healthier Air

December 17, 2020

We bring you a few tips with which you can contribute to creating a healthier environment for all.



Energy Savings for a Sustainable Workplace

December 16, 2020

In order for you to contribute to energy efficiency in the workplace, experts bring you a few simple tips that will help you save energy and bring positive changes to your work environment.


Teaching Kids to Save Energy!

November 28, 2020

Additional Funding for the Bosnia Energy Efficiency (AF BEEP) Project experts bring you several ways to help children stop consuming and start saving energy at home.


Ecological construction for a healthier and more economical living space

November 27, 2020

Ecological construction is one of those terms whose popularity is growing each and every day. It implies a type of construction during which care is taken about the materials used, their transport, their impact on human health and environment, but also used human and material resources, and finally, the recycling of products after their lifespan ends.